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@flyinghuman flyinghuman released this Jul 4, 2019

  • In this release we integrated the PoS-Stack into the Wallet and changed the autocombine-behaviour completely to speed up the overall wallet performance.

  • You now can now choose more Designs, you can set the PoS Split-Threshold and autocombine thresholds in Options-Menu.

  • You have a Windows 64bit Wallet again.

  • Due low mining affinity and saving electricity costs we will go to PoS on Block 462000 now (was 777000 before).

  • This release is a mandatory release that will be inforced on 5th August 2019 9:00 pm CEST. Update all your wallets and Masternodes before this date or you will be on a wrong chain after that date!

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@flyinghuman flyinghuman released this Jan 9, 2019

Here it is!
Our new Wallet will fix the slow Syncspeed-Problems and also some shutdown-related problems.

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@flyinghuman flyinghuman released this Sep 10, 2018

It is not a mandatory Update, only a GUI-FIX.

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