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Netsoc Discord Bot Build Status

The Netsoc Discord bot is intended to help make the lives of Netsoc SysAdmins easier. This is done by:

  • Integration with Netsoc Admin
  • Relaying server alerts to discord
  • Various commands which members of the Netsoc Discord Server can use
  • And more upcoming cool stuff B)

Current Commands:

  • ping - will reply "Pong!"
  • alias - Sets a shortcut command. Usage: !alias keyword url_link_to_resource
  • help - If followed by a command name, it shows the details of the command
  • info - Displays some info about NetsocBot
  • config - Displays the config for NetsocBot
  • minecraft - Displays the number of people online in the Netsoc Minecraft Server
  • inspire - Displays an inspirational quote

Config file

	"token": "AAABBBccccc1111",
	"prefix": "!",
	"helpChannelId": "123456789",
	"alertsChannelId": "123456789",
	"sysAdminTag": "<@&123456789>",
	"botHostName": "",
	"guildID": "123456789",
	"permissions": {
		"ping" : [
Config Value Purpose
"token" The authentication token used by the Discord bot
"prefix" The string that prefixes all commands
"helpChannelID" The channel ID to which help messages from Netsoc Admin will be sent
"sysAdminTag" The ID which will be @'d for help requests and alerting
"botHostName" The host name and port which the bot will listen on for help and alert webhooks
"guildID" The ID of the guild (i.e. server) of which this bot is a member
"permissions" Indicates the roles/users which have permission to run perticular commands. If none are specified for command, anyone can run the command