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💬 FamilyChat

ℹ️ A Senior Design project, centered around the deployment of both a promotional website and a highlighted mobile application. The FamilyChat application (developed using Expo, React Native, & Firebase) is designed with families in mind; pairing interactive features, alongside standard messaging functionality: for an improved group-chat experience.

🎓 University of Central Florida / FALL 2021 & SPRING 2022 / Senior Design Project / Group 48

Project Members:

  • Evan C. Navarro{Project Manager, Mobile Development (Front-End / Back-End), Brand, & App Design}
  • Jacques "JJ" Parizeau{Student Sponsor, Mobile Development (Front-End / Back-End), Brand, App, & System Design}
  • Pedro Roman{Mobile Development (Back-End / Front-End), Database}
  • Richard Morand{Web Development, Web Design, Database, Flex Mobile Development}
  • Tu Le{Mobile Development (Back-End / Front-End), Database, Team Lead}