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A theme updater for GitHub hosted Wordpress themes. This Wordpress plugin automatically checks GitHub for theme updates and enables automatic install.
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Wordpress plugin: a theme updater for GitHub hosted Wordpress themes


Screenshot One

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Installation & Use

Here is a sample theme. Download (.zip)

1- Publish Theme to a public GitHub Repository

2- Update Your Theme's style.css

Add Github Theme URI to your style.css header, this will be where the plugin looks for updates. I also recommend using semantic versioning for the version number.

example header:

Theme Name: Example  
Theme URI:  
Github Theme URI:
Description: My Example Theme
Author: person
Version: v1.0.0

Push these changes back to the project

3- Create a new tag

$ git tag v1.0.0
$ git push origin v1.0.0

note, your tag numbers and theme version numbers should be in accord.

4- Download and install the plugin

The next time you push a new tag, it will be recognized by the plugin and will be notified in the wp-admin.

Code Comments

The flow of the plugin is:

1 - Get the Theme's Update URI

Code is a mashup of Wordpress source. I'm looking at:

Unfortunately Theme URI is not available via default get_theme_data(), which is probably for the best because I don't want to conflict with standard wordpress conventions.

2 - Get the github tags

Pull the tags trough the Repository Refs API.

3 - Notify Worpress of the Update

Publish the update details to the response array in the update_themes transient, similar to how Wordpress updates themes.

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