The AntMonitor app and library for VPN-based traffic inspection on Android
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This is a repository for AntMonitor - a VPN-based packet capturing system for Android. For an overview of the project, please visit the project website.


AntMonitor is licensed under GPLv2.

1. Using the AntMonitor Library

The packet interception and inspection capabilities of AntMonitor have also been packaged as an Android library. If you wish to simply use that capability and write your own app from scratch, please refer to our other GitHub Project - AntMonitorExample.

2. Running the AntMonitor App

For the rest of the document we will refer to the directory to which you have cloned the repo as CODE_ROOT.

  • Download Android Studio
  • Download the Android NDK
  • Set the sdk.dir and the ndk.dir keys found in the CODE_ROOT/app/ file to point to your Android SDK and Android NDK installation paths, respectively.
  • Click the "Run App" button within Android Studio to run the app on a connected Android device or emulator.


The Javadoc sits in the documentation directory of the repo and is also available in web form here.

Generating Documentation

To generate the documentation you can use Android Studio:

  • Go to Tools -> Generate Javadoc
  • Select the desired scope and view
  • To add a custom overview page, add the following to the command-line arguments: -overview path_to/overview.html --allow-script-in-comments
  • Copy any resources (e.g. src/javadoc-resources/release) to the output folder

Citing AntMonitor

If you create a publication (including web pages, papers published by a third party, and publicly available presentations) using the AntMonitor app or the AntMonitor Library, please cite the corresponding paper as follows:

  title={AntMonitor: A System for On-Device Mobile Network Monitoring and its Applications},
  author={Shuba, Anastasia and Le, Anh and Alimpertis, Emmanouil and Gjoka, Minas and Markopoulou, Athina},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.04268},

We also encourage you to provide us ( with a link to your publication. We use this information in reports to our funding agencies.