This repository contains Coastal and Estuarine System Maps produced for the iCOASST project
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This repository contains Coastal and Estuarine System Maps for specific regions.

Coastal and Estuarine System Map - Liverpool Bay

Coastal and Estuarine System Maps can be produced using the CESMapper QGIS software, which can be freely downloaded from:

Further information on Coastal and Estuarine System Mapping (CESM) and the iCOASST project can be found at:

The CESM approach is described more fully in:

French, J.R., Burningham, H., Thornhill, G., Whitehouse, R., Nicholls, R.J. 2016. Conceptualizing and mapping coupled estuary, coast and inner shelf sediment systems. Geomorphology 256: 17-35. [open access]

How to use:

The easiest way is to download the zip archives for each system map. Unzip to a preferred location on your computer. Launch QGIS and the CESMapper plugin. Assuming a suitable base layer (e.g. Google Maps, or Bin Maps) is loaded, you can then load the components shapefile using the 'Load Map' button on the main menu. The map (both component and connections shapefiles) will then load.

QGIS style files:

Separate style files are included for the components and connections.


These maps are released under the UK Open Government License (Version 3), which is described at