Certified implementation of a parametrized framework for concurrent garbage collectors
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Correctness-Preserving GC Transformations

This directory contains implementation and (in the future)
formalization of the framework for correctness-preserving derivations
of concurrent garbage collectors by Vechev et al. [VYB06].

The structure of the project:

- ./Haskell -- a folder with the Haskell prototype of parametrised
  expose functions. Different dimensions are implemented as type
  classes with mutually-disjoint functions, specifying the
  corresponding partitions.

---- GCDerivation.hs -- this file contains implementation of the main
     GC machinery concerning parametrized instances of the explore
     function. The same file also contains definitions of all the
     dimension type classes.

---- ExampleXY.hs -- example files, corresponding to the case studies
     labelled as X.Y in the [VYB06] paper. The comments after the
     expressions describe the results obtained by evaluating them.

- ./Coq -- a Coq formalization of the collector's exposing functions
  and their correctness wrt. graph reachability

---- Heaps -- a library of partial heaps, developed by Aleks Nanevski
     (see http://software.imdea.org/fcsl for details).

---- Hgaphs.v -- a theory of object graphs, including facts about

---- Logs.v -- implementation of collector/mutator logs

---- Wavefronts.v -- A library for wavefronts

---- Apex.v -- implementation of the "apex" expose procedure

---- WavefrontDimension.v -- Parametrizing the expose over the
     wavefront dimension.

Building the project

-- Haskell --


make clean; make

from the folder "Haskell" to compile the project.

Individual example files can be loaded into the ghci REPL as follows

:load ExampleXY.hs

-- Coq --


make clean; make 

from the folder "Coq". This will build the necessary libraries and the
GC formalizaion.


[VYB06] M. Vechev, E. Yahav, D. Bacon. Correctness-Preserving
Derivation of Concurrent Garbage Collection Algorithms. PLDI'06.