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Thanzi La Onze

Thanzi la Onse model

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The Thanzi la Onse model (TLOmodel) is a part of the Thanzi la Onse (Health for All) Collaboration. Our fundamental aim is to develop the use of epidemiological and economic science to effect a step-change in the way that health priorities are addressed through policy interventions in low-income countries. We are doing this by developing a model that represents explicitly the generation of health gains in a population, which can be used to examine the effect of resource allocation, management and clinical practice, in order to contribute to informing decision-making.

Project team

TLOmodel is developed in a collaboration between:

It benefits from a close partnership between this team and the Ministry of Health, Malawi.

A full list of contributors is available in the documentation.


This work has been funded by grants from Wellcome, GCRF and UKRI.