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The theme that runs on the acm website


Please make all changes on testing. Use git checkout testing to checkout the testing branch. If your repo does not have the testing branch, use git checkout --track -b testing origin/testing to create the branch and check it out, then git pull to check for updates.

cd into the folder

Run npm install to download the dependencies

You may need to run sudo npm install -g gulp in order to install the gulp tool globally

Run gulp to startup the dev server

Make changes and your browser will auto preview the changes in real time

Note that if you add a new file (e.g. a new image file), you will need to restart the gulp instance or it will not be seen by the website. This is a know bug (iss #1, marked as WONTFIX)


First, merge the changes into master:

   git checkout master
   git merge testing

Now copy all files over from the dist/ directory into the Website-Deployment repository, found here

Commit to the Deployment repo and push it--a webhook is set up that will automatically deploy the website to the server on push to the Depolyment repo (not this one!)


####When starting gulp: Error: Cannot find module 'something-something'####

You either forgot to run gulp install or someone made a change to the gulpfile so that it now requires a new package. Either way, run gulp install in the directory to grab all the required packages.

####When starting gulp: Error: listen EADDRINUSE####

Something else is using the port on your computer. The most likely explanation is that you already have a gulp instance running somewhere, so you don't need to start a new one! Heyo!

####My image isn't showing on the website!####

Did you read the earlier section of this readme? If your image is new, then you need to kill your gulp instance and restart it. Zeno has reported that for some reason, images will only refresh up to three times before mysteriously failing to do so, so if you've changed the image a whole bunch, you might try restarting gulp as well.

Basically, restart gulp and make sure that your link is pointing to the correct location.