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A Language for Closed-form High-level ARchitecture Modeling
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Charm Binder

Charm is an interpreted DSL and runtime for writing/managing closed-form high-level architecture models.

Charm was presented at ISCA'18 @ LA, CA.


Python (v3.6)

pyparsing (v2.2.0)

numpy (v1.12.1)

scipy (v0.18.1)

mcerp (v0.11)

sympy (v1.1.1)

lmfit (v0.9.9)

networkx (v2.1)

For SMT capabilities:

z3 (v4.6.0 with python binding)

(Note that you will need pickle to parse the saved raw result file.)

Example Usage

Just click the Binder button above or visit

To start it from command line, change directory to the root of Charm, and install by

python install

then run

python {source}

Contact & Citation:

For general questions feel free to reach out to Archlab @ UCSB.

For immediate help with Charm, contact Weilong (

To cite our work:

Weilong Cui, Yongshan Ding, Deeksha Dangwal, Adam Holmes, Joseph McMahan, Ali JavadiAbhari, Georgios Tzimpragos, Frederic T. Chong and Timothy Sherwood. "Charm: A Language for Closed-form High-level Architecture Modeling" in Proceedings of the International Symposium of Computer Architecture (ISCA) June 2018. Los Angeles, CA.
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