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Refinement Types for TypeScript

You can find an online demo of RefScript here.




git clone --recursive
cd refscript


stack setup
stack build


Basic Usage

stack exec -- rsc /path/to/file.ts

Regression testing

stack test refscript:regression

Run Benchmarks

stack test refscript:bench

To run the complete set of benchmarks reported in our PLDI'16 paper, please refer to branch pldi16.

Fast load (using ghci)

stack ghci refscript:exe:rsc
*main> top "file.ts" False


Building with profiling support (uses cabal sandboxes)

To build with profiling support it is recommended that a new sandbox is used, as all library dependencies will have to be compiled with profiling support.

To do so, while in $ROOT/RefScript:

mv .cabal-sandbox .cabal-sandbox.backup
mv cabal.sandbox.config cabal.sandbox.backup.config

Then repeat the first steps of installation:

cabal sandbox init
cabal sandbox add-source ../liquid-fixpoint

This will create fresh .cabal-sandbox and cabal.sandbox.config

But before building, add the following option in cabal.sandbox.config:

library-profiling: True
executable-profiling: True

In addition, in refscript.cabal replace line:

ghc-options:         -W -O2


ghc-options:         -W -O2 -prof -auto-all

Then build with:

cabal install -p

This will build all depending libraries with profiling support.

To run rsc in profiling mode add flags +RTS -p in the end:

rsc input.ts +RTS -p

More detailed options can be found here.

If you're interested in profiling the evaluation of a specific expression you can add a cost center annotation:

{-# SCC "name" #-} <expression>

What this command outputs is a file called that contains all gathered profiling information, including information about both all functions (default cost centers) and user defined cost centers.

Editor Integration

We have some support for rsc in vim and emacs.


There is a flycheck plugin for RefScript.

  1. Copy ext/emacs/typescript-rsc.el into your emacs PATH.

  2. Add this to your init.el

    (require 'typescript) (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\.ts\'" . typescript-mode)) (require 'flycheck-rsc)



  1. Add the following to your .vimrc
Bundle 'scrooloose/syntastic'
Bundle 'panagosg7/vim-annotations'
  1. Copy the following files
cp ext/vim/typescript/rsc.vim  ~/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/typescript/rsc.vim
cp ext/vim/typescript/rsc.vim  ~/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/typescript/rsc.vim


  • :SyntasticCheck liquid runs rsc on the current buffer.


  1. Warnings will be displayed in the usual error buffer.

  2. Inferred Types will be displayed when <F1> is pressed over an identifier.


You can configure the checker in various ways in your .vimrc.

  • To run after each save, for all Haskell files, add:
let g:syntastic_mode_map = { 'mode': 'active' }
let g:syntastic_typescript_checkers += ['liquid']
let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers += ['liquid']
  • To pass extra options to rsc add:
let g:syntastic_typescript_liquid_args = '...'


  • Using export let a = ... brings in the inferred type from TypeScript.