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  • Disallow use of len v for mutable arrays.

  • Check variance of type parameters

  • W-F checks:

    • overloaded functions signatures are non-overlapping
  • Validity check for function types:

    • Optional arguments should only occupy the end part of a type.
    • Refinements should not reference optional arguments.
  • Proper bidirectional checking at TC

  • SSA: Patching the annotations is probably not necessary - they can be directly applied to the nodes as the SSAed AST is being built.

     Perhaps the same with TC phase.
  • Better error message for the ill-formed annotation:

    /*@ readonly a */ let a = 1;

  • Better error message for errorCallNotSup.

  • Get rid of syb

  • Implement Sort checker for refinements

  • fixEnums has been disabled -- handle at typechecking