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PHP Serial Libraries for UDOO

This file describes how to run the PHP examples contained in this folder.

To run these PHP examples, we will use the PHP interpreter and its embedded Web Server. The same examples can be executed over Apache or nginx too.

1 - Flash the Arduino Sketch using the Arduino IDE

2 - Create the needed serial link [substitute /dev/ttyREAL with: /dev/ttymxc3 for the UDOO QUAD/DUAL - /dev/ttyMCC for the UDOO NEO]:

sudo ln -s /dev/ttyREAL /dev/ttyS0

3 - Navigate in this folder:

cd serial_libraries_examples/php/

4 - Start the embedded web server:

php -S

5 - Open a browser (on your UDOO or on your computer) and run the examples writing in the address bar:

For the basic serial example:

For the bidirectional serial example:

Please note, use if you open the browser directly on the UDOO; If you want to connect from an external PC WiFi/Ethernet IP address are supported too. If you are working on UDOO NEO connected with USB connection you can use