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SynthPop is a reimplementation of PopGen using the modern scientific Python stack, with a focus on performance and code reusability.

The SynthPop code is a completely new implementation of the algorithms described in this reference, and the paper as well as this repository should be cited if you use SynthPop:

Ye, Xin, Karthik Konduri, Ram Pendyala, Bhargava Sana and Paul Waddell. A Methodology to Match Distributions of Both Households and Person Attributes in the Generation of Synthetic Populations. Transportation Research Board 88th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers DVD. January 11-15, 2009

The paper is available here:

# Installation

` virtualenv venv --python=python3.7 source venv/bin/activate pip install -r requierements.txt cd synthpop/ python develop ` To run Synthpop you need a Census API that you can get one from [here]( After you get and validate the API key you can add it as an enviromental variable to your environment as by adding to /venv/bin/activate the following line: export CENSUS='yourApiKey'

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