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This repository contains the R scripts to curate, ensure quality control, and validate the raw data collected via the S-Interface and other tools in the "Office Tasks 2019" project.

Getting Started


  • R and RStudio
  • Required packages

Installing R Packages

Packages are available on CRAN and can be installed using a simple call to install.packages():


Script Set

Please run the following scripts sequentially
  1. Data Curation (dc)

    • dc-curate-and-process-physiological-data.R
      • For each participant the script does the following:
        • Reads the *pp.csv (original perinasal perspiration signal data), removes noise, downsamples to 1 frame per second (fps).
        • Reads the session markers file and splits each PP signal into treatment segments.
        • Reads the E4 and BioHarness signal files, downsamples them, and merges them with the PP signal file.
    • dc-nlp-processor.R
      • Note: Run the following line once:
        • initCoreNLP(mem = "4g")
    • dc-essay-email-extractor.R
      • Gathers and merges all report and email responses for n=63 participants.
  2. Quality Control - first level (qc1)

    • qc1.Rmd
      • Generates the combined file for all signals:
        • Unfiltered data option (@1 fps)
          • Set the variable value to FALSE: is_filter_data = F
        • Quality Control 1 data option (@1 fps)
          • Set the variable value to TRUE: is_filter_data = T
  3. Quality Control - second level (qc2)

    • qc2.Rmd
      • Performs a second level of filering (quality control 2).
  4. Validation Scripts (vs)

    • vs-supplementary-plots.Rmd
    • vs-time-series-plots.Rmd
    • vs-validation-plots.R
    • vs-mean-signal-distribution.Rmd
    • vs-hr-regression-and-distribution-plot.Rmd
    • vs-c-hr-w-hr-comparison-plot.Rmd
    • vs-performance-data-analysis.Rmd
    • vs-questionnaire-data-analysis.Rmd
    • vs-time-series-plot-hrv.R
    • vs-validation-plot-hrv.R

    • format-final-data.R
      • Converts the curated dataset into a user-friendly version.
      • Note: This is the last script to run. Please do not run any script after this.

Utility Scripts (us)

- common-functions.R
	- Useful functions that are called from almost all scripts.
- us-filter-pp.R
	- Removes noise from PP signals. It is called from dc-curate-and-process-physiological-data.R
- us-down-sample-pp.R
    	- Downsamples data to 1 fps. It is called from dc-curate-and-process-physiological-data.R
- us-score-psychometrics.R
    	- Scores psychometric variables. It is called from vs-questionnaire-data-analysis.Rmd