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UIC HCC Computer Society Organization

UIC HCC Computer Society (Association) (UICHCC or HCC in short) is (currently) a non-student-association interest-driven organization. The association's internal members are responsible for maintaining the operation of the association and participating in project development, however all the creative production of UICHCC will be opened to the public.

The association is organized as (a relatively losen form like) star topology, that is, setting up a central group (Core Group), while project groups (unlimited in number), which are managed by the central group, are set under it. Unlike the concept of "department", these groups can be added, or revoked, not even affecting the association's normal work. Members of a specific group are not restricted to that group; that is, groups are used only for management and publicity, everyone can, at their will, participate in all project groups in the association (except: the group has extra regulations, the infrastructures and services maintained by the association).


UICHCC central management group. This Group is responsible for:

  • Management of UICHCC internal affairs (accountant, etc)
  • Outreaching and public relationship (including media and publicity)
  • Resource allocation (activity room, equipment, etc.)
  • Maintain UICHCC online infrastructure and ensure usability.

Content Mining Group

Mining various types of technological content, generally writing articles, review of products, editorial of IT events.

Open Source Community Group

Responsible for the operation of the UIC Open Source Community.

  • Linux User Group: Gathering Linux operating system users, hold a series of activities (Practice and Experience sharing) of Linux.
  • L10n Group: Translate and localize User Interface, documents of open source software, technology articles, etc.
  • Open Source , Free Software and Creative Commons Popularization Group: Develop and popularize use of Open Source software and Free Software (collaborate with UIC ITSC) and free distribution and use of general works (non-software like pictures and articles).

Activities & Lessons Category

This is a category rather than a group. Each group is responsible to develop and carry out certain course or activity. There is a group for each course or activity.

IT Course Counseling Class

All BNU-HKBU UIC students must take IT course as their compulsory course. To help students grasp IT techniques—modern, essential knowledge, we have set up tutoring classes for those who have difficulties understanding IT things. We sincerely hope that no one will fail this course, because IT is the future, and you are too. (Retrived from

This group mainly focuses on:

  • development of course series
  • irregularly holding offline lectures and workshops

Surveillance Self-Defense

Modern technology has given those in power new abilities to eavesdrop and collect data on innocent people. Surveillance Self-Defense is EFF's guide to defending yourself and your friends from surveillance by using secure technology and developing careful practices. (Retrived from

This group mainly focuses on:

  • development of course series, based on the Surveillance Self-Defense tutorials on, with extra topics on practices on cryptographic products
  • regularly issuing and sharing materials of the course
  • regularly holding offline lectures and workshops


This activity is shelved.


The world around you is not what it seems.

Our future is at stake. Surrounding Ingress, this group focuses on:

  • game technique researches, including but not limited to: Maxfield, Glyph techniques
  • irregular activity organization
  • have fun

Ingress is more than a game. It is worth studying.


TeX User Group

This group gathers *TeX users,

  • share *TeX experiences and resources
  • publicize *TeX

R&D (Research & Development) Category

This is a category rather than a group. Each group is responsible to develop and carry out certain project. There is a group for each project.

This list is not updated frequently. For more information, please refer to for all ongoing projects.

Machine Learning Research Group

This group mainly studies theories and practices on machine learning oriented technologies.

Information Security Research Group

This group mainly studies theories and practices on information security oriented technologies.

UIC HCC Homepage Development Group

This group studies web development technologies, and mainly takes charge of UIC HCC website development.

Online Judge Development Group

This project is shelved.

UIC Portal APP Development Group

TBD: To be decided

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