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It seems that you've stumbled upon this glorious organization. What is this all about, you ask? Well, it's part of a movement started by the great folks at the pmmp discord channel to make the most useless, yet gorgeous, plugins using forms. We created this repository to push forward this movement in formifying everything, and anything, possible, even if it doesn't seem practical.

Woah, this sounds great! Could I also contribute to this project?

Of course you can! If you want your plugin to be added to our Organization, you can create an issue in this repository requesting such. However, please ensure that you comply with our Contribution Guidelines, and subsequently PSR-2 standards and Poggit's Plugin Submission Rules, which is shown in the following section.

Contribution Guidelines

    1. Plugin must be licensed under MIT.
    2. Plugin must comply with PSR-2 coding standards, however minor violations are allowed.
    3. Additionally, plugin must also comply with Poggit's Plugin Submission Rules.
    4. Plugin must use libFormAPI (virion)
      - We recommend CaptchaAPI (virion) by CortexPE if you want to add Captchas to your plugin.
      - In the future, we will consider using a different forms library [#1]
    5. Plugin should attempt to be as obnoxious and ridiculous as possible.
    6. Finally, have fun! Make this the most retarded thing you've written.
    7. Plugin should be submitted and later approved on Poggit.

Official UIPlugins Discord

We have an official discord channel hosted under the PiggyTester's official discord channel.


Organization Administrators

Administrators oversee all operations in the Organization and have full access to the Organization itself.

Currently, the Administrators of the Organization are as follows:

Organization Members

Members can create/delete their own repositories.

Currently, the Members of the Organization are as follows:

How can a(n) plugin / user be removed from the Organization?

If the Quality Assurance Team (QAT) deems that a plugin created by a member of the Organization does not meet the standards, they will be given a period of '7' days to correct the violations.
If no improvements are made within '7' days, then the following events may occur:
    - revocation of the user's status as a member of the Organization.
    - removal of the user's repositories from the Organization OR
    - transferral of the user's repositories on the Organization to their own account.
Inactive users may also be revoked of their permissions.

Revision 1.2 - Janurary 1st, 2019.

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