XNA 4.0 and Kinect Video Game: Can you see yourself at A&S?
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University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences HIVE
Kinect Digital Signage (Project Panda)

Main contact: Vincent Purcell <vincent.purcell@uky.edu>

Code used from Microsoft Kinect v1.6 SDK & developed in house.

	In order to use this software, you must have the following:
	- Windows PC
	- Visual Studio 2010 (Full or Express)
	- Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0
	- Microsoft Kinect SDK v1.6 (not tested >1.6)
	- Microsoft Kinect for Windows (Kinect for XBOX 360 is not supported)
Project Panda is intended as an immersive digital signage project for the University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences. We use various scenes from the UK campus, and integrate a 3D character (modified "dude.fbx" from Microsoft Avateering Kinect SDK example), and then take a snapshot using Kinect background subtraction, and save the files for a slideshow and later viewing.

This project is heavily in development, so may break at any time, and have many unfinished features. Use at your own risk.

And never stop having fun :)