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UKCloud for Microsoft Azure
Home page for UKCloud for Microsoft Azure
UKCloud for Microsoft Azure

UKCloud for Microsoft Azure

Experience the benefits of Azure from within our UK sovereign, highly secure data centres

UKCloud for Microsoft Azure can deliver a fully managed Azure hybrid cloud solution that enables you to unlock the potential of the cloud – for all workloads regardless of location. Use Azure Stack Hub to run applications in our UK-sovereign data centres or take advantage of our CSP status to get the most out of Azure public ‐ all with the support and guidance of our Microsoft experts.

Accelerate your data centre modernisation journey by using Azure services that enable organisations and governments to unlock the value of their data and drive business innovation. Adopt modern architectures and next-gen tooling, all within our secure and sovereign cloud, then take the next steps to a hybrid cloud where you can leverage the best of all clouds.

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Let's get started!

For a general product overview, see the Service Definition. If you need more in-depth product details, see the Service Scope.

For an overview of the functionality available with UKCloud for Microsoft Azure, see Understanding UKCloud for Microsoft Azure. The Getting Started Guide introduces some of the key concepts and tasks, including setting up and accessing your environment.

If you already use UKCloud for Microsoft Azure or another UKCloud core cloud service, we can act as your public Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). To find out how to set this up, see How to use UKCloud as your public Azure CSP.

Key topics

Once you understand the basics of UKCloud for Microsoft Azure, take a look at the articles listed below to get an idea of what else you can do.

Working with virtual machines

Working with networks

Configuring your environment


Backup and recovery

Container orchestration tools

If you're an Azure Stack Hub service operator, UKCloud can share our experience to provide insight on how to set up your environment, including:

Want to know more?

Find answers to common questions in our UKCloud for Microsoft Azure FAQ. Use the table of contents on the left to browse all UKCloud for Microsoft Azure articles or use the search box at the top to search the whole Knowledge Centre.

For more information about UKCloud and how we work, browse our website.

See it in action

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Microsoft Azure Stack Portal Overview

How to buy

The UKCloud Pricing Guide lists all our product pricing. For examples of how pricing works for UKCloud for Microsoft Azure, take a look at our Pricing information article.

To buy UKCloud for Microsoft Azure:

If you're already a UKCloud customer

Raise a Service Request, contact your Service Delivery Manager or email

If you're a new UKCloud customer

Contact us via our website or call us on 01252 303 300

Additional options

To get the most out of our platform, see below for some additional options and products you might want to consider using with UKCloud for Microsoft Azure (additional charges apply).

Product options

Complementary products

Security domains. Isolate workloads depending on the data sensitivity level.

Managed IT Operations. Reduce the amount of time spent on managing your IT infrastructure.

Security Operations Service. People, processes and tooling to assist with cyber monitoring capabilities.

Professional Services. Help with solution design and digitisation projects.

Cross Domain Security Zone. Enable data communication between assured and elevated security domains.

Cloud Storage. Cost effective unstructured object storage for data archive.

If you want to find out more about any of these options or products, contact your Service Delivery Manager or email

Why UKCloud?

The right cloud for every platform. Modernise legacy workloads across the board by rehosting traditional systems with UKCloud for VMware or exploring new and emerging technologies with OpenShift. We can help you build a cloud specific to your needs.

An award-winning customer experience. The customer sits at the heart of everything we do. Whether that's through our 24/7 support function – a service we provide at no extra charge – or by giving every single one of our customers a dedicated Service Delivery Manager.

Dedicated to the public sector. From our unique assurance and connectivity options to the people we employ – everything we do comes back to our mission to help public sector organisations deliver better digital services at a lower cost.

Uncompromising security and integrity. Our UK-based data centres help protect your organisation from regulations such as GDPR, whilst our unique assurance and connectivity options enable you to move your most secure and sensitive systems to the cloud.

Champions of innovation. We've partnered with over 300 specialist organisations who have built their pioneering digital services on top of our government-grade infrastructure. From AI to RPA, our partner ecosystem has you covered.

Committed to doing the right thing. From paying our taxes to undergraduate and apprentice programmes. From Carbon Neutral solutions to charity work. Everything we do can be traced back to our commitment to doing the right thing.

Get in touch

We want to know what you think. If you have an idea for how we could improve any of our services, send an email to