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Cloud Enablement services
Lists the cloud enablement services provided by UKCloud
Sue Highmoor
Cloud Enablement services

Cloud Enablement services

As a multi-cloud provider, UKCloud knows the importance of being able to install your own hardware in our cloud platform. We call this Cloud Enablement because it's a key capability that enables you to use cloud services more extensively. Some examples include:

The following diagram shows the different configurations available to you for these Cloud Enablement services:

Cloud Enablement configuration

Other enablement services that we provide to help you work with our cloud platform include:

  • Data Transfer Facility - Enables you to use the secure network connections at our Farnborough office to manage systems or transfer data into or out of your environments. For more information, see the Data Transfer Facility Service Scope.

  • Mass Data Transfer - Enables you to move virtualised environments, in the form of VMs, into or out of your UKCloud environment using your own NAS, HDD, or USB devices. For more information, see the Mass Transfer Facility Service Scope.

  • Data Transfer - Region to Region - Enables you to move your UKCloud for VMware workloads between regions on the UKCloud platform. For more information, see the [Data Transfer - Region to Region Service Scope(

  • Data Transfer between Assured and Elevated - Enables you to move your workloads between the Assured and Elevated security domains to better meet sensitivity requirements. For more information, see the Data Transfer between Assured and Elevated Service Scope.

  • Smart Hands - This service can be used for a number of different requirements such as a physical 'push-button' task, replacing hardware and checking equipment statuses. For more information, see the Smart Hands Service Scope.


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