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How to contribute to the UKCloud Knowledge Centre
Describes how to submit changes to articles in the UKCloud Knowledge Centre and how to create new articles
How To
Contribute to the UKCloud Knowledge Centre
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How to contribute to the UKCloud Knowledge Centre


Content for the UKCloud Knowledge Centre is stored in a GitHub repository, which means that anyone with a GitHub account can submit changes to articles.

This article explains how to submit changes to UKCloud Knowledge Centre articles.

[!IMPORTANT] Before making any changes, make sure you're familiar with our guidelines for contributing to Knowledge Centre articles.

Intended audience

This article is intended for anyone who wants to update a Knowledge Centre article. To submit changes you must have a GitHub account.

Submitting changes to an existing article

  1. Go to the UKCloud Knowledge Centre at:

  2. Find the article that you want to edit.

  3. Click Improve this Doc to open the article in GitHub.

    Improve this Doc link

  4. If necessary, log in to GitHub.

  5. Click the Edit this file (pencil) icon.

    Edit this file icon in GitHub

  6. Edit the article as required, being sure to follow the appropriate guidelines.

  7. When you're done, at the bottom of the page, enter a short descriptive title for your change and, optionally, a longer description to provide more detail.

  8. Click Propose changes.

    Propose changes

  9. On the Comparing changes page, review the changes you've made.

  10. Click Create pull request.

    Compare changes

  11. On the Open a pull request page, provide more details about the change you've made, if necessary, then click Create pull request.

    Create pull request

    [!NOTE] You must create the pull request, by clicking this second Create pull request button, to submit your changes.

  12. The pull request is submitted to UKCloud to review and merge into the master branch if appropriate. We may contact you to discuss the details of your changes if required.

    New pull request

Suggesting significant changes or requesting new articles

If you want to suggest significant changes to the Knowledge Centre, or have a suggestion for a new article, raise an issue within GitHub or contact to discuss your ideas.

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If you find a problem with this article, click Improve this Doc to make the change yourself or raise an issue in GitHub. If you have an idea for how we could improve any of our services, send an email to