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Private Cloud Service Definition | UKCloud Ltd
Provides an overview of what is provided by the Private Cloud service
Sue Highmoor
Service Definition
Private Cloud Service Definition
Service Definition/

Private Cloud Service Definition

Why UKCloud?

UKCloud is dedicated to helping the UK Public Sector and UK citizens by delivering more choice and flexibility through safe and trusted cloud technology. We own and operate a UK-sovereign, industry-leading, multi-cloud platform, located within the Government’s Crown Campus, offering multiple cloud technologies, including VMware, Azure, OpenStack, OpenShift and Oracle. This enables customers to choose the right technology for creating new workloads or migrating existing applications to the cloud.

We recognise the importance of government services in making the country run smoothly, which is why we include the highest level of support to all our customers at no extra cost. This includes a dedicated 24/7 UK telephone and ticket support, and Network Operations Centre (NOC) utilising protective and proactive monitoring tools, and access to UKCloud’s technical experts.

UKCloud services

What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is a high assurance, cost-effective alternative to hosting and managing your own compute and storage infrastructure. This secure single-tenant compute and storage platform provides you with physical hardware separation and isolation from other customers. This enables you to meet heightened security requirements and provides increased flexibility over the infrastructure allowing you to specify host and storage requirements with options to include high performance GPU, advanced monitoring and DR.

Offering a choice of technology stacks, including VMware, Microsoft Azure Stack, Oracle Virtual Machine, Oracle Cloud at Customer or Red Hat OpenStack implementations. You can deploy Private Cloud in either of our UK data centres to gain the benefits of our Assured and Elevated security domains, within the Crown Campus or within your own data centre.

For full information regarding this product, we have Service Scopes, FAQs and other relevant documents on our Knowledge Centre.

What the service can help you achieve

  • Increased Security and Compliance – gain the advantages of cloud whilst retaining regulatory compliance, through physical separation

  • Deployment of secure disconnected environments – providing connectivity via private and secure network links, rather than over the public internet

  • Utilise existing skills – Private Cloud supports familiar technology stacks (VMware, Azure Stack, OpenStack, Oracle)

  • Integration of existing software – that require access to the underlying hypervisor, such as AV, Backup solutions

  • Resolves migration challenges – providing full control over the configuration, simplifying migrating from a legacy on-premise environment.

Product options

The service is designed to be flexible and allows you to choose from the list below to match your requirements.

Location of Private Cloud

Choose the location where the Private Compute should be situated

  • UKCloud Data Centres

  • Crown Hosting Data Centres

  • Your Own Data Centre


Choose which technology stack you wish to use

  • VMware

  • OpenStack

  • Microsoft Azure Stack

  • Oracle

Security Domain

Choose the security domain in which you want to run your application

  • Assured OFFICIAL - DDoS protected internet, PSN, HSCN and Janet

  • Elevated OFFICIAL - PSN and RLI

  • Above OFFICIAL - SLI & Crypto

Cloud Design and Purchase Options

UKCloud Design Services Flexible purchase options

  • UKCloud Design, Procurement, Deployment and Management

  • UKCloud Design, Customer Procurement, UKCloud Deployment and Management

Pricing and Packaging Options

Private Cloud solutions are offered with two options

  • OPEX


Pricing and packaging

Full pricing with all options including licensing and connectivity is available in the UKCloud Pricing Guide.

Accreditation and information assurance

The security of our platform is our number one priority. We’ve always been committed to adhering to exacting standards, frameworks and best practice. Everything we do is subject to regular independent validation by government accreditors, sector auditors, and management system assessors. Details are available on the UKCloud website.

Connectivity options

UKCloud provides one of the best-connected cloud platforms for the UK Public Sector. We offer a range of flexible connectivity options detailed in the UKCloud Pricing Guide which enable access to our secure platform by DDoS-protected internet, native PSN, Janet, HSCN and RLI and your own lease lines via our HybridConnect service.

An SLA you can trust

We understand that enterprise workloads need a dependable service that underpins the reliability of the application to users and other systems, which is why we offer one of the best SLAs on G-Cloud. For full details on the service SLA including measurements and service credits, please view the SLA defintion article on the UKCloud Knowledge Centre.

Service level agreement 99.99%
Portal level agreement 99.90%
Availability calculation Availability is calculated based on the number of hours in the billing month (for example, 744 hours for months with 31 days). Excludes any planned and emergency maintenance.
Measurement of SLA Unavailability applies to existing VMs when the compute platform becomes inaccessible due to a fault recognised at the IaaS layer or lower:
  • Fault is not within the customer’s control (OS configuration, customer applications and customer networks)
  • Fault is within UKCloud-controlled components such as the dedicated compute infrastructure, UKCloud data centre facilities, physical firewalls and routers
Key exclusions Full details of exclusions are available in the SLA defintion article within the UKCloud Knowledge Centre

The small print

For full terms and conditions including onboarding and responsibilities, please refer to the Terms and conditions documents.


If you find an issue with this article, click Improve this Doc to suggest a change. If you have an idea for how we could improve any of our services, visit the Ideas section of the UKCloud Community.

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