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UKCloud Transition Services Service Definition | UKCloud Ltd
Provides an overview of what is provided by the UKCloud Transition Services service
Sue Highmoor
Service Definition
UKCloud Transition Services Service Definition
Service Definition/

UKCloud Transition Services Service Definition

Why UKCloud?

UKCloud is dedicated to helping the UK Public Sector and UK citizens by delivering more choice and flexibility through safe and trusted cloud technology. We own and operate a UK-sovereign, industry-leading, multi-cloud platform, located within the Government’s Crown Campus, offering multiple cloud technologies, including VMware, Azure, OpenStack, OpenShift and Oracle. This enables customers to choose the right technology for creating new workloads or migrating existing applications to the cloud.

We recognise the importance of government services in making the country run smoothly, which is why we include the highest level of support to all our customers at no extra cost. This includes a dedicated 24/7 UK telephone and ticket support, and Network Operations Centre (NOC) utilising protective and proactive monitoring tools, and access to UKCloud’s technical experts.

UKCloud services

What are UKCloud Transition Services?

UKCloud's Transition services are designed to provide a clear path to true cloud value, no matter where your organisation is on the journey to cloud migration and adoption. The four services include our Assessment, Migration, Optimisation and Transformation services and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

For full information regarding this product, we have FAQs and other relevant documents on our Knowledge Centre.

What the service can help you achieve

  • Assessment service. Helps you clearly understand the cost of your existing IT investment, evaluate options for migration to IaaS, PaaS & SaaS services, and build business case / procurement materials to help you get there faster.

  • Migration service. Migrate workloads to your chosen cloud platform(s). We will interview key business and technical stakeholders and deploy tools in your infrastructure to ensure we understand your applications and how they interact with each other. Workloads can then be migrated in the right order and sized appropriately to benefit from cloud features such as utility billing.

  • Optimisation service. Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by utilising different cloud features and adopting new deployment models. UKCloud consultants will undertake a commercial and technical assessment of your cloud environment, then develop and execute work packages that deliver greater value from your cloud deployment.

  • Transformation service. DevOps, Containerisation and Infrastructure-as-Code require a radically different approach to application development and deployment. This service provides the expertise to ensure your project goes smoothly and your team are ready to adopt new ways of working.

Typical methodology

Most organisations do not require the full methodology outlined below which is based on the Assessment service. Each section can be purchased as a discrete statement of work and different packages can be mixed and matched:


  • Define technology strategy and vision

  • Assess current technology against the "6 Rs of cloud adoption"

  • Build procurement material (for example, RFP / RFI)


  • Inventory & group current workloads by application

  • Map dependencies

  • Define move groups

  • Design target environment

  • Define migration test plans

  • Execute migration

  • Test workloads


  • Analyse current spend profile

  • Assess license usage

  • Price & recommend alternative solutions

  • Implement improvements


  • Assess development culture & processes

  • Identify areas for improvement

  • Introduce new processes and technology

  • Work in partnership with the customer to embed new ways of working

Pricing and packaging

Our transition services are based on a daily rate card which is available in the UKCloud Pricing Guide.

Accreditation and information assurance

The security of our platform is our number one priority. We’ve always been committed to adhering to exacting standards, frameworks and best practice. Everything we do is subject to regular independent validation by government accreditors, sector auditors, and management system assessors. Details are available on the UKCloud website.

Connectivity options

UKCloud provides one of the best-connected cloud platforms for the UK Public Sector. We offer a range of flexible connectivity options detailed in the UKCloud Pricing Guide which enable access to our secure platform by DDoS-protected internet, native PSN, Janet, HSCN and RLI and your own lease lines via our HybridConnect service.

The small print

For full terms and conditions including onboarding and responsibilities, please refer to the Terms and conditions documents.


If you find an issue with this article, click Improve this Doc to suggest a change. If you have an idea for how we could improve any of our services, visit the Ideas section of the UKCloud Community.

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