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@larkery larkery released this Feb 13, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

See the changelog for a full description of changes since the version you are using.

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@larkery larkery released this Mar 16, 2018 · 167 commits to master since this release

See the changelog for a full description of changes since the version you are using.

Bugs Fixed

  • Solar PV measure suitability check is now correct
  • Warm air system measure takes account of the fuel argument
  • Hot water tank thermostat checks for presence of tank as part of suitability constraints
  • Adding multiple extra fuel charges for the same fuel now works
  • The balance of accounts is correctly calculated when houses with a different weight than the scenario quantum transact
  • Basement floors are treated as ground floors for heat loss when in SAP mode
  • Low energy lighting measure has an effect on buildings which have only incandescent lighting (previously it only worked if a house already had some low-energy lights)
  • Exposed upper floor u-values are now affected by floor insulation in SAP mode

Other improvements

Documentation for the consume function, room heater suitability, hot water tank thermostat suitability and warm-air system suitability have all been improved.

Failure messages when there are problems with the remote running infrastructure should be more informative.

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@trickyBytes trickyBytes released this Aug 10, 2017 · 420 commits to master since this release

Updated model to include both a BREDEM 2012 and SAP2012 energy calculator, including various fixes to make this work. Please see the change log and commits for more detail.

The release contains zip file containing an executable NHM standalone application built on the Eclipse IDE, download the zip file for your operating system and unzip locally. Within the unzipped folder you will see an executable file, on Windows this will be (National Household Model.exe).

Download Windows Version
Download Linux Version

The user manual available from within the NHM standalone is also available to view Here - Github

To create a housing stock which can be imported into the NHM and simulations then run using it please see
NHM Stock files creator

If you wish the run the latest version of the model without the user interface then there is a simple java version of the model Here. You will need to make sure you have either a java JRE or JDK installed at version 1.8. For further information on how to run the application enter java -jar 6.5.5.Rv-6_5_5_dirty.jar and follow instructions.

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