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Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK

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This is the frontend source code for the Coronavirus Dashboard service.

Other services

The API service

The API supplies the latest data for the COVID-19 outbreak in the United Kingdom.

The endpoint for the data provided using this SDK is:

Documentations for the API, including the latest metrics, are available on the Developers Guide page.

We have also developed software development kits (dedicated libraries) in several programming languages to facilitate access to the API:

Other repositories

Different parts of the Coronavirus dashboard service are maintained in their respective repositories, itemised as follows:

  • API v.1 - Main API service for the data, lookup tables, CMS, and metadata.
  • API v.2.0 - Batch downloads service [DEPRECATED in favour of v2.1]
  • API v.2.1 - Batch downloads service
  • Generic APIs - APIs that power the map, navigation, hierarchy, and relations
  • Summary pages - Summary (home and postcode) pages
  • Frontend Server - Home and postcode pages [DEPRECATED in favour of Summary]
  • Easy-Read Server - Easy-read pages and PDF generator
  • Layout CMS - Definition of contents
  • Metadata - Description of metrics and textual contents
  • ETL Service - Post-pipeline data processing and deployment
  • Terraform - Infrastructure as Code [DEPRECATED in favour of ARM templates]

Development and contribution

We welcome contributions by everyone. Please read the contributions guide for additional information.

How can I help?

We have a public project management board that shows outstanding issues to which everyone can contribute. Pick a ticket, assign it to yourself and move it to the Doing column, and you will be all set to start. There is also the outstanding issues from which you can choose, but let us know that you are working on it so that multiple people don't end. up doing the same task.

No contribution is too small. We welcome help from everyone. Get in touch if you need additional information. We are here to help.

Cloning the code for re-deployment

If your service isn’t on GOV.UK

You are welcome to use the GOV.UK patterns and frontend code even if your service isn’t considered part of GOV.UK. Although you will sometimes need to use different patterns, for example if you are building something like an admin interface.

While you can use the patterns, your site or service must not:

  • identify itself as being part of GOV.UK
  • use the crown or GOV.UK logotype in the header
  • use the GDS Transport typeface
  • suggest that it’s an official UK government website if it is not

These things are there to provide a consistent identity and navigation between GOV.UK and the sites and transactional services that hang off it. If your service isn’t on GOV.UK, there’s no need to maintain that identity - in fact, you might confuse or mislead people if you do.

You should also use the brand logo and font of your organisation.

Please consult the GOV.UK Service Manual for additional information.

If you are re-deploying the website as a service

Please only clone our master branch for redeployment. All other contents, data, and branches that are either outside of the master branch or not otherwise used as a part of it - i.e. the associating assets - are copyrighted materials and therefore excluded from the MIT license until they receive the necessary approvals to be merged.

Please note that other branches may contain experimental development contents and prototypes. We routinely create such materials so that they can be discussed, improved, and be put forward for approval purposes.

You are welcome to use the development-v3 branch as described in the Contributors' Guide to help us improve the service and make a contribution.


This service is developed and maintained by Public Health England.