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Home Office Posters

Home Office repository of posters covering different topics - research, access needs, accessibility and design.

Contributions and contact

If you want to contribute a translation of one of our posters, we would really appreciate your help.

You are free to adapt the posters but only under the following conditions:

Here are some examples of how the posters have been adapted by external organisations:

We welcome feedback - please create an issue to feedback whether positive or negative. Otherwise you can contact the design team at the Home Office on email -

Our posters

Using Git Browser, you can view all the posters before you start working on them. (A big thanks to Joe Lanman from GDS for adding our posters to his Git Browser project)

Access needs

These posters cover the following access needs:

  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • D/deafness and hard of hearing
  • Dyslexia
  • Motor disabilities
  • Visually impaired - low vision users
  • Visually impaired - screenreader users

There is also a HTML versions of these posters.

You can read about how the Do's and Don'ts posters were developed on our blog:

Discovery Alpha Beta Live

Design ethics

Our design ethics toolkit sets out approaches and resources that teams can use to consider the ethical consequences of their designs.

Inclusive language

We have designed inclusive language posters for the following protected characteristics:

  • age
  • disability
  • ethnicity and nationality
  • religion
  • sexuality
  • sex and gender

Read our blog post about why we created the inclusive language posters.


Home Office Digital repository of posters covering different topics - research, access needs, accessibility, design.







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