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R suite for the analysis of UFO Orbit data

Peter Campbell-Burns, Richard Kacerek UK Meteor Observation Network

These scripts provide a basic set of reports in tabular and graphical format and include examples of D_Criterion analysis and interactive 3D plots of meteor orbits. Users are invited to use and adapt these scripts to meet their own needs.

We hope too that others will be willing to contribute ideas and analytical methods (and scripts) so that we can add to this suite and build a more complete set of resources for the meteor community.


This work is shared under the Creative Common Non Commercial Sharealike License V4.0 (


  1. Install R and RStudio (if not already installed).
  2. Unzip the ANALYSIS folder into the My Documents folder (Windows).

Using the analysis package

  1. Save UFO Orbit csv file to the ANALYSIS/DATA folder (anyother folder can be used)
  2. In the RStudio or R Console, open and run the master script: ANALYSIS/GENERATE_REPORTS.R
  3. In response to the prompts:
  • Select the UFO Orbit csv input file (this must be a UFO ORBIT csv file),
  • Select a stream name (or ALL) from the displayed list,
  • Select a year (or ALL) from the displayed list.
  1. Make a mental note to buy the guys from UKMON a beer at the next IMO conference.

Reports are generated automatically and will be written to the ANALYSIS/REPORTS folder.

Note: the UFO ORBIT csv export must contain Unified observations; corresponding paired station observations need not be exported.

Reference Data File ANALYSIS/CONFIG/streamenames.csv contains stream names and stream activity information used by various graphical reports, solar longitude date ranges are used for timeline plots where activity is displayed by solar longitude.

The CONFIG filder holds a set of configuration files which allow certain behavious to be modified. These include:

  • The folders used to source data and write reports
  • Whether or not to invoke QA filtering
  • QA filter parameters.

UFO orbit implements its own quality criteria. However an additional layer of QA filtering is implemented in this R-suite. This is to enable mutiple UFO Orbit files processed at different times to be merged and a minimum QA threshold applied across the input files. Default QA criteria are derived from Edmond.

Column Description
code 3 character stream mnemonic (e.g. AAH�)
streamname Full stream name (e.g. August alpha
sol_1 Solar longitude of stream start
sol2 Solar longitude of stream end
sol_peak Solar longitude of stream peak
selectstart Date and time of stream start
selectend Date and time of stream end

SelectStart and SelectEnd are used by timeline plots where the time interval is displayed in a date format (solar longitude is not well understood by the general public making a date time format is more useful for plots generated for PR / Outreach).

About the distribution

The distribution comprises a set of R scripts and a reference data file organised in folders as follows.

Folder Description
ANALYSIS Top level directory
ANALYSIS/DATA Input data directory (use is optional)
ANALYSIS/LIBRARY/PLOTS Scripts creating graphical output
ANALYSIS/LIBRARY/TABLES Scripts creating tabular output
ANALYSIS/LIBRARY/FUNCTIONS Common functions called by scripts
ANALYSIS/CONFIG Config script and reference data
ANALYSIS/REPORTS Folder to receive report outputs
ANALYSIS/RWORKSPACE R workspace (saved sessions)

Main Report Modules

File Description
GENERATE_REPORTS.R Full reporting package, importing data applying quality criteria and generating tables and plots
STREAM_ANALYSIS_ORBITS.R Imports data, performs D criterion analysis against a selected reference orbit and generates an interactive 3d plot of Orbits meeting threshold criterion.
QA_FILTER_CHECK Runs the QA filter function for the purposes of evaluating the drop rate
STREAM_ANALYSIS_CLASSIFY.R Imports data, finds best match for each observation against a list of reference orbits and plots D_Criteria by stream
SUMMARY_REPORT.RMD R Markdown / knitr script to produce a summary report in HTML format for all streams and sporadics
SUMMARY_REPORT_BY_STREAM.RMD R Markdown / knitr script to produce a summary report in HTML format for a selected stream
MERGE_FILES Merges multiple UFO ORBIT output files int a single file with a single header

Report Libraries

File Description
Common_Functions Common reoutines used for data gestion, filtering, quality criteria and report formatting
D_Criteia Script to calculate D_Criteria against a reference orbit (Dsh, DD and DH)
Orbit_3D generic routines to produce orbital plots in an (interactive) 3D projection.
Orbital_Elements Establishes a set of data frames holding reference orbits

Report Sub-modules


Analysis Type Summary R file
Simple counts Counts by stream (ten highest counts) streamcounts.r
Meteor counts by solar longitude counts_by_sol.r
Number of matched observation (UNIFIED_2, UNIFIED_3, etc) stream_plot_by_correlation.r
Stream analysis Number of meteors by solar longitude (sol) over stream duration stream_plot_timeline_solar.r
Scatter-plot showing radiant (Right ascension v Declination) for individual meteors stream_plot_radiant.r
Multi-chart plot showing movement of radiant (2SD and 3D plots) stream_plot_radiant_movement.r
Table of matched observations (counts by stream and by year) stream_counts_by_year.r
Scatter plot of absolute magnitude (amag) against start height (H1) and amag against end height (H2) for individual meteors. abs_magnitude_vs_h1_h2.r
Scatter plot of absolute magnitude (amag) against start height (H1) and amag against end height (H2) for individual meteors with a least squares line fit. abs_magnitude_vs_h1_h2_reg.r
Scatter plot of absolute magnitude (amag) against height difference (H1 – H2) for individual meteors with a least squares line fit. abs_magnitude_vs_h_diff_reg.r
Count of stream meteors with magnitudes less than or equal to -4 (all streams) fireball_by_month.r
Count of meteors with magnitudes less than or equal to -4 (by stream) fireball_by_stream.r
Velocity Frequency distribution of Observed velocities (vo) stream_plot_vel.r
Frequency distribution of Helio-centric Velocity (vs) heliocentric_velocity.r
Orbital Scatter plot of semi-major axis (a) vs ascending node (node) semimajor_v_ascending.r
Scatter plot of semi-major axis (a) vs inclination (incl) semimajor_v_inclination.r
Frequency distribution of Semi-major axis (a) semimajoraxisfreq.r
Frequency distribution of semi-major axis (A) with a range of bin sizes. a_binned_multi.r
Frequency distribution of semi-major axis (A) with a fixed (configurable) bin size. a_binned.r
Ablation Line plot of start height (H1) to end height (H2) for individual meteors. This plot provides a simple visualisation of where in the atmosphere ablation is taking place. stream_ablation.r
Quality Plot of difference in Vo between station and unified data (all stations) delta_v0 _overall.r
Plot of difference in Vo between station and unified data by station delta_v0_by_station.r
Distribution of quality metric QA (all stations) qa_overall.r
Distribution of quality metric QA by station qa_by_station.r
Summary of Delta Vo by station (min, max, mean, sd) delta_vo_by_station.r
Summary of meteor durations meteor_duration.r


Analysis Type Summary R file
Simple counts List of meteors brighter than amag < -4 fireball_detect.r
Table of matched observations (count of Station A / Station B pairs) station_match_tab_correlation.r
Top 20 camera pairings station_tab_match_top_correlation
Number of matched meteor observations by stream stream_counts.r
Number of matched meteor observations by station streamcounts_plot_by_station.r
Number of matched meteor observations by year stream_counts_by_year.r


Configuration settings are in file ANALYSIS/CONFIG/Lib_config.r:

Parameter Description
SourceUnified Input file (If NA, the master script prompts)
OutType Output type: PDF, JPEG�or NA (prompt at run time)
Landscape, Portrait Page Sizes for portrait and landscape output
SelectInterval, SelectIntervalSol Intervals (bin sizes) for timeline plots

File path variables:

Variable Filepath value
Root Root folder (Analysis)
ReportDir Reports output folder
WorkingDir R working directory
TabsDir Scripts for generating tabular output
PlotDir Scripts for generating graphical output
FuncDir Common functions
DataDir Input data directory
RefDir Reference data

Report sub-module interfaces

Analysis scripts are called using the R source statements. Each script can use the following in-scope data objects created by the master script:

Object Description
mt Data frame containing imported UNIFIED UFO
mu Cleaned and filtered (by stream / year) mt
ms Cleaned and filtered (by
Dataset Descriptive title printed on the plot footer
SelectStream The 3 digit mnemonic for the selected stream
Streamname The common name of the selected stream
SelectStart The start time for timeline plots
SelectEnd The start time for timeline plots
Solpeak Solar longitude of a shower peak


Library of scripts in R for meteor analysis






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