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Briefing Paper Tweets

This is a small sample application to demonstrate the capabilities of the data feeds available from It polls the Briefing Papers feed from and tweets whenever a new Briefing Paper is published.


  1. Log into and create a new application. Leave the callback URL blank but supply all the other requested information.

  2. The application will need read and write access permissions.

  3. Copy the API key and API secret into the program's app.config file.

  4. Run the application with the /a parameter (to authorise):

    bptweets /a

  5. Enter the PIN number that Twitter gives you into the console.

  6. The application will then automatically reconfigure itself to use the new authorisation codes.

  7. Run the application at the console with no parameters:


  8. Set it up as a scheduled task to run every so often to poll for new briefing papers and post to Twitter.


From time to time, the length of shortened Twitter URLs may change. You should check the setting in app.config periodically and adjust when necessary.

You could make the application poll Twitter and update this value automatically. This is left as an exercise for the reader.