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Releases: UL-FRI/thesis-BDR

FRIteza v2.20190305

05 Mar 12:26
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Version bump to v2.20190305

+ bst_author_year
- support for commands \citet{}, etc.
- support for arXiv field in bib
- support for language field in bib, for correct title and booktitle hyphenation
- language support via \bbletal, \bbleds, etc.
- preference of doi or arXiv over verbose output

FRIteza v2.20190301

01 Mar 13:56
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Version bump to v2.20190301

+ add_stage_parameter
+ add_pack_for_overleaf

FRIteza v2.20180108

09 Jan 07:51
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Doctor of Science

- internal: updated leading sizes (tiny, large, Large, LARGE, huge, Huge)
- internal: updated cover page (gold logo, spine BDR)
- internal: updated front page design
- internal: display build date and class info in pre-gold stages
- feature: implemented "razširjeni povzetek" cover page (should appear as last chapter in dissertation)
- demo: updated demo-asbook and demo-bypub