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function youbot_photo()
% youbot Illustrates the V-REP MATLAB bindings, more specifically the way to take pictures.
% (C) Copyright Renaud Detry 2013, Thibaut Cuvelier 2017.
% Distributed under the GNU General Public License.
% (See
%% Initiate the connection to the simulator.
disp('Program started');
% Use the following line if you had to recompile remoteApi
%vrep = remApi('remoteApi', 'extApi.h');
vrep = remApi('remoteApi');
id = vrep.simxStart('', 19997, true, true, 2000, 5);
% If you get an error like:
% Remote API function call returned with error code: 64. Explanation: simxStart was not yet called.
% Make sure your code is within a function! You cannot call V-REP from a script.
if id < 0
disp('Failed connecting to remote API server. Exiting.');
fprintf('Connection %d to remote API server open.\n', id);
% Make sure we close the connection whenever the script is interrupted.
cleanupObj = onCleanup(@() cleanup_vrep(vrep, id));
% This will only work in "continuous remote API server service".
% See
vrep.simxStartSimulation(id, vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot_wait);
% Retrieve all handles.
h = youbot_init(vrep, id);
% Make sure everything is settled before we start (wait for the simulation to start).
%% Read data from the RGB camera.
% This starts the robot's camera to take a 2D picture of what the robot can see.
% Reading an image costs a lot to VREP (it has to simulate the image). It also requires a lot of bandwidth,
% and processing an image will take a long time in MATLAB. In general, you will only want to capture
% an image at specific times, for instance when you believe you're facing one of the tables or a basket.
% Ask the sensor to turn itself on, take A SINGLE IMAGE, and turn itself off again.
% ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
% simxSetIntegerSignal 1 simx_opmode_oneshot_wait
% |
% handle_rgb_sensor
res = vrep.simxSetIntegerSignal(id, 'handle_rgb_sensor', 1, vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot_wait);
vrchk(vrep, res); % Check the return value from the previous V-REP call (res) and exit in case of error.
% Then retrieve the last picture the camera took. The image must be in RGB (not gray scale).
% ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^
% simxGetVisionSensorImage2 h.rgbSensor 0
% If you were to try to capture multiple images in a row, try other values than vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot_wait.
fprintf('Capturing image...\n');
[res, resolution, image] = vrep.simxGetVisionSensorImage2(id, h.rgbSensor, 0, vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot_wait);
vrchk(vrep, res);
fprintf('Captured %i pixels (%i x %i).\n', resolution(1) * resolution(2), resolution(1), resolution(2));
% Finally, show the image.
end % main function