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UMA Protocol Running on Ethereum
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UMA Protocol


  • Slack: to join, use this invite link. Please use Slack for all technical questions and discussions.
  • Email: for anything non-technical.


Our docs site is here. It contains tutorials, explainers, and smart contract documentation. If you'd like to view these docs on github instead, check out the documentation folder.

Security and Bug Bounty

Please report all security vulnerabilities through our HackerOne bug bounty page. Please run all security tests against the testnet deployment or a local Ganache to preserve the integrity of the mainnet deployment.

Developer Information and Tools

Solhint - Solidity Linter

Find more information about solhint here. There are plugins available to see solhint errors inline in many IDEs.

  • Make sure you've run npm install.
  • To run over all contracts under contracts/:
$(npm bin)/solhint contracts/**/*.sol

Running Prettier JS Formatter

To run prettier over the .js files in the repo, run:

npm run prettier


We use the solidity-coverage package to generate our coverage reports. These can be generated manually by developers. There are no regression tests or published reports. CircleCI does generate a coverage report automatically, but if you'd like to generate it locally, run:

npm run coverage

The full report can be viewed by opening the coverage/index.html file in a browser.

Style Guide


Roadmap for the Oracle

The current iteration of the system relies on a centrally controlled oracle to settle financial contracts with correct prices. To provide truly universal market access, future iterations will open up the system to allow outside participation while still providing guarantees about correct behavior, even with assumptions of arbitrary (byzantine) behavior. Look forward to our second whitepaper where we outline our vision for a trustless oracle.

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