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Tracking fails with an error message.

Tracking tracks white blobs which is generated by FilterGenerator. It seems that the error message occurred due to the lack of white blob in the video frame. Please check the certain video frame at FilterGenerator. You can temporarily ignore that error by checking "Ignore mis-detection error" checkbox on (It's on the lower right of the window).

How to convert the data to the real world scale?

Record your video with a yardstick. You can measure the each side of a yardstick by placing the Point Object at UMATracker-Area51.

How to convert the frame No. to real world time?

UMATracker-Tracking outputs the information of video including its FPS. Just divide the frame No. by its FPS.

Run as a batch?

We provide the semi-batch mode, but full-batch mode is not and will not be supported. We strongly recommend that you check results by your eyes.

If you still want to do so, use a tool like Automator on macOS.

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