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Scalable and Portable Infrastructure for Cybersecurity Education (SPICE)

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SPICE is a flexible, remotely accessible infrastructure that leverages public cloud, data center, and portable computing resources. It was developed to support a variety of cybersecurity education activities.

The SPICE project was initiated during June of 2020, with supervision from UMaine’s Cybersecurity Education Committee(UM CSEC), and contribution from several student research assistants. Since initiation, the project has gone through four phases of development, and is currently in the fifth phase “Phase V” which is currently focused on documentation on the state of the infrastructure and technologies in use, and on improving efficiency using automation. Phase VI will begin during the 2022 - 2023 academic year.

SPICE resources are leveraged by the UMaine Cybersecurity Team( in order to conduct cybersecurity lab tutorials and competition preparation activities