The Forensics Playground File Format
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The Forensics Playground File Format

The Forensic Playground File Format (FPFF) is an open format designed to serve as a sandbox for forensics education and competition. It has three main goals:

  1. Resemblance. FPFF is similar to many common binary formats, making it a good tool for familiarizing students with binary layouts and parsing.
  2. Uniqueness. FPFF is different enough from real formats, preventing automatic analysis with tools like binwalk.
  3. Flexibility. FPFF's specification is simple, making extension and modification straightforward.


FPFF's spec (and pandoc sources) can be found in the spec directory.

Reference implementation

A reference implementation will be added to this repository after CMSC389R concludes.

Pedagogical notes

Because a reference implementation is available, future course designers and CTF challenge-builders are encouraged to modify the specification.


The FPFF specification and reference implementation are released under the MIT license.