A project about characterizing the material properties of 3D printed stuff.
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3D Printing Material Properties

In this project, we're characterizing how strong, durable, and otherwise mechanically sound the materials printed by a 3D printer are once printed. We're seeking a range of prints from multiple types of 3D printers using different materials to make the exact same thing: an ASTM-standard test dogbone. You can find the file to print here. If you print out four (or more) of these, please record the temperature (and humidity if you can) of the room you're working in, the type of printer you're using, the printer settings (i.e. bed and hot end temperatures), and which types of filament you used. If you're done printing and want to send them in for testing and a free materials report, please send them to: 3D Printing Materials Project c/o Pete Marchetto 1390 Eckles Ave. Saint Paul, MN, USA 55108

#Acknowledgements We'd like to thank our collaborators in the MTU MOST group, specifically Joshua Pearce, and especially Megan Kreiger for the ASTM dogbone .STL file.