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Digital Situation Reports
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Digital Situation Reports for UN OCHA. Vue+Nuxt produces a SSR+Hydration architecture, ensuring that we serve full HTML responses while taking advantage of modern JS tools for client-side interactivity. We use Contentful as our CMS, offloading all data entry responsibilities to a paid service.

Nuxt setup/development

# install node dependencies
$ npm install

# local development with hot reload at localhost:3000
$ npm run dev

For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the Nuxt.js docs.

Be aware: While the Nuxt development mode is quite useful, ultimately this app has to run inside Docker for your feature to deploy smoothly. Before submitting a PR be sure to rebuild within Docker and run the server using the commands in the Docker section below.

Contentful setup

All content is stored on Contentful. To access the service you need a Space ID and a Content Delivery API key.

Place them in a file at the repo root called .env:


They will be copied to .contentful.json during the docker build step (see below).

Contentful Preview environments

When the CTF_HOST AND CTF_CDA_PREVIEW_TOKEN environment variables are present, the app will configure itself to display all edits and new entries immediately, regardless of whether they have been published.

Docker setup/development

# first-time setup
$ docker-compose build

# run server and view logs
$ docker-compose up

# run server detached so that logs are not shown on screen
$ docker-compose up -d
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