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Welcome to Reliefweb Data Snapshots help pages!

Reliefweb is happy to launch the alpha version of the new Reliefweb Data Snapshots (aka Reliefweb Trends v3). This new tool will enable data analysts to gather historical and monthly data analysis on content ReliefWeb has published since 1996, including the number of visiting users (sessions).

Reliefweb editorial team collects and curates humanitarian information from more than 4,000 verified sources, including reports, job announcements, and training opportunities. With Reliefweb Data Snapshots, we are now making public the data that we have gathered about the content published and the users accessing Reliefweb. Reliefweb Data Snapshots also provides historical data on published Jobs and Training.

Visit the use cases page to see some of the cool stuff that you can do with this tool!

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Please contact us and tell us what you found (Select features in the contact form). Also, if you want to share any of the results that you found, we will be more than happy to hear from you! :)