This project has been archived and is no longer being developed or supported. The Curator's Workbench is an extensible digital collection and appraisal tool for the desktop. It is designed to acquire and process batch data efficiently while giving the user control over work flow.
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Command-line Build Instructions

The build is maven-based, assisted by a set of Eclipse build plugins called Tycho. The maven plugin repository for Tycho and all it's particulars are configured in the parent pom.xml file in this directory.

Full build requires:

  • Maven 3
  • Java 7
  • Java 7 packages for each target platform (optional, for bundling JRE)

Building without bundling the Java Runtime Environment is easy:

mvn package

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can be bundled within each distribution package. To perform a bundled build, you must first download and unpack the JRE folder for all the platforms into a directory structure as follows:

  |   \jre1.7.0_25
  |   \jre1.7.0_25
  |   \jre1.7.0_25
  |   \jre1.7.0_25

Then the distribution packages and update site are all created in one maven command:

mvn -DbundleJREs=true -DbundleJREs.dir=<full path of bundledJREs dir> package

The distribution packages can be found here after the build:

<project base dir>/eclipse-repository/target/products

Developer Eclipse IDE Setup

  1. Install Eclipse IDE and required plugins:
    • Eclipse Modelling Project feature or choose this product download (this includes RCP/PDE bundles)
    • m2eclipse plugin and connectors, see Maven > Discovery in preferences
    • Tycho Configurator m2eclipse connector
    • m2e-egit Maven SCM Handler for EGit
  2. Import Maven Projects from SCM
  3. Select git and this project URL.
  4. Open the current target-definition file. (As on this writing, target-definition\
  5. Click on "Set as Target Platform" in the upper right.
  6. To fix logging classpath markers, maven install these subprojects:
    • org.apache.log4j12
    • org.slf4j.log4j12
  7. To enable PDE logging via SLF4J, maven install this one too:
    • org.slf4j.pde