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<toc label="Getting Started" link_to="toc.xml#gettingstarted">
 <topic href="html/gettingstarted/create_project.html" label="Creating a Project">
 <topic href="html/gettingstarted/add_originals.html" label="Adding Original Folders to a Project">
 <topic href="html/gettingstarted/capturing_files.html" label="Capturing Files">
 <topic href="html/gettingstarted/edit_description.html" label="Create or Edit a Description">
 <topic href="html/gettingstarted/crosswalk_mods.html" label="Crosswalk Tabular Metadata to MODS">
 <topic href="html/gettingstarted/finish_export.html" label="Finish Up with an Export">
 <topic href="html/gettingstarted/create_dictionary.html" label="Creating and Using a Dictionary">
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