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After <a href="capture.html">capture</a> a logical representation of
the original file tree appears in the arrangement section of the
project navigator. The arrangement tree can be edited. All changes
affect the logical representation of files in the METS manifest and
have no affect on the original files.
<p>Files may be removed or deleted from the arrangement, which is
the same as un-capturing them. When initially captured, the
arrangement tree mirrors the original captured folder tree, but you
may modify it and organize materials differently. For instance, you
may want to create an arrangement that facilitates discovery of
materials by end-users.</p>
<p>The arrangement represents the objects as they are organized and
described in the manifest and in the repository, after submission.
File and folder-level descriptions may be added in the arrangement.
Files and folders may be renamed.
<p>If your repository supports compatible metadata, you can use the
arrangement to assign many more properties to your objects:
<li>assign roles to groups for access controls</li>
<li>set default sort order for folders</li>
<li>define collections and aggregate works</li>
<li>assign thumbnail images to collection and other containers
<li>describe any part of the tree in a MODS record</li>
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