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Persistence in Workspace/Staging Area:
- file section for each data set with identifier
- relative paths..
- access configuration somewhere outside METS
- original structMap for each data set
- selection (yes/no)
- status (unstaged/staged/original missing)
- digProvMDSec for each div that is altered by curator
- record processing events as they happen to each div
- final form METS goes here
* commands:
* Open Project, Save Project, Close Project, Exit
* views:
* navigator
* file summary, file preview
Navigator Resources:
File Sets
* maps to a single fileSec in a working METS file
* has associated structMap for original structure
* fileSec contains a fileGrp with USE of SOURCE_PATHS
* contains relative path for each file in source
* fileSec contains a fileGrp with USE of STAGED_PATHS
* as files are staged file elements are added
* checksums are filled in
* source and staged file share a GROUPID
* FileSet API:
* setLabel(String), getLabel()
* setSource(FileSource), getSource()
* TreeFileSource testRoot(), crawl()
* getSourceStructure()
* setStage(FileStage), getStage()
* FileStage openOutputStreamToStage(filepath), checksum(filepath), getURL(filepath), exists(filepath)
* commands:
* test connection, (re)crawl source
* (re)stage, unstage, pause (when staging), resume (when partially staged)
* views:
* properties and status
* file selection
Extracted Metadata
* harvesters produce XML or tabular metadata on a per file basis (all rows mapped)
* may come bundled with preconfigured mappings to MODS, etc..
Supplied Metadata
* map of row to div
* each metadata set is a source to be mapped to divs
Submission Structure
* METS structMap tree w/annotations
* open editor view or use navigator?
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