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+Build Instructions
+The build of the workbench is maven-based, with a set of special build plugins called [Tycho](
+The snapshot repository for Tycho and all it's particulars are configured in the parent pom.xml file in this directory. Maven 3 and Java are required.
+Install the Eclipse Publisher Patch for the Mac OS
+There is a specially patched Eclipse plugin file that is needed for any Mac OS build at the moment. You will have to
+deploy this file into your local maven repository manually. Take the following step:
+Copy /etc/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher_1.1.2.v201012021428.jar to the following location:
+.m2 above is the location of your own local Maven repository. The patched file will be used instead of the existing plugin.
+Build the Product and Repository
+The distributable ZIP files and update site are all created in one maven command:
+mvn install
+mvn clean install

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