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Problem reopening certain Form and Dictionary files #115

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This problem occurs when a Metadata Block from a dictionary is dropped from the palette into another dictionary or a form. This is the usual method of creating forms, so the issue is critical for that use case.

The user will see an error like this when they try to reopen the form or dictionary for editing:

"Unresolved reference '/1/@children.0/@children.2/@children.0/@children.2/@transientChildren.0/@children.1/@transientChildren.0/@children.1/@children.0'. (platform:/resource/greg/merks.form, 50, 234)

This issue will only occur if a metadata block coming from the dictionary is the very first item added to the form or dictionary. A workaround is to pick the generic metadata block element from the palette, adding that to the model first. Then add the dictionary block you wanted and delete the generic one. After that the model can be saved normally.

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Note that this issue is being discussed in the GMF forums here:


The problem stems from the value attribute of the mapped element within the metadata block. It's notation is marked as transient, probably due to it not having any custom styling. If you drop the Metadata block and then make the value label bold, then save and reopen, it works.

So adding some style to the mapped attribute fixes the issue.


Deleting and then redrawing the connector also fixes the issue.

@gregjan gregjan closed this in c29def4
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