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Add ability to map metadata elements that aren't present in delimited txt file #15

jjksexton opened this Issue Apr 11, 2011 · 3 comments


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It would be nice to have the option of adding MD elements that don't correspond to columns in the in the tabbed data file--for instance, to add a common rights statement to each record, or language, or corporate author, etc. As it stands the user is required to add a column to the delimited file for these elements, even if the value is the same for every record.


gregjan commented May 26, 2011

This is actually possible in the current crosswalk feature, though it may not be appropriately labelled to stand out in the UI. If you drop a "Text" element on the canvas, you can then fill it with preset text. This text widget can be mapped to any output element. The output element will be the same for every record produced by the crosswalk.

As currently written the crosswalks are centered around input record data, only producing records for every "row" in the input data. In some cases it may also be desirable to produce a record for an object that isn't reflected in the input data.

I am looking for more input on this feature request, given the comments above. We can adjust the description and title as the request emerges to save this discussion..


gregjan commented May 26, 2011

If there are opportunities to simplify the UX around setting preset elements for entire collections, we should explore it. Maybe it would be simpler to never enter the crosswalk UI, instead adding preset batch descriptive fields to the arranged hierarchy. The non-crosswalk, more batch metadata, approach would be more easily aligned with the "for every captured object do this" idea.
If we go that way, this issue could be added to the batch metadata milestone.

I am very much in favor of allowing users to create a crosswalk without having to enter the crosswalk UI. I always know which elements the columns in the datafile will map to and it would often be faster if I didn't have to use the visual interface.

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