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staging of files when WB has multiple projects #19

diplomatica opened this Issue Apr 13, 2011 · 5 comments

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Need to investigate staging when there are multiple projects in the Workbench. Is WB trying to restage previously staged files when a new project is opened and files are staged.

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gregjan commented Apr 13, 2011

The code is written such that capture will cause staging of anything already captured, but not yet staged.. The other projects with captured items should already be staged, I would imagine. However, if another project had things captured that were not yet staged, a new capture in a separate project would result in staging of all unstaged stuff. That's how the code is written now.
We can change this so that staging is triggered by a button press or a right click option.. It can also be per-project. These are relatively minor changes for me and will take only a day or two.

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gregjan commented Apr 14, 2011

I've got some fixes in the stable branch for this:

  • progress bar will report files staged out of total, current filename, percent and kilobytes/total complete of current file
  • added significant buffers to input and output stream for copy to stage, maybe help with higher latency reads/writes
  • added iRODS-specific checksum retrieval, instead of recalculation, eliminating re-transfer for iRODS stages.
@gregjan gregjan was assigned Apr 26, 2011

Still seeing WB pull CSV files from previous projects (when trying to use the same CSV files for multiple projects). Current fix: wipe all old projects from WB before using CSV file again.

@diplomatica diplomatica closed this Jun 6, 2011
@diplomatica diplomatica reopened this Jun 6, 2011
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gregjan commented Jun 6, 2011

hmm, okay so that is a cross-project bug, but it seems different from the original issue here.. I think we did determine that staging is working on a per-project basis, i.e. when you trigger staging it is just for that project..

Can you confirm that?
I'd like to move the CSV problem to a new issue, and put it in Release 1.2 also. Does that work?


yeah - that works. sorry about conflating two bugs. Staging is working, but the crosswalk mapper is now pulling text files from old projects when it's the same file

@gregjan gregjan closed this Jun 7, 2011
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