Release Test Plan

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This is the user testing procedure for new releases of the workbench. As features are added, they need to be supported by new user tests.


  1. Capture and then ingest a zero-length file.
  2. Capture by file extension.
  3. Capture by dragging originals into the Arrangement.
  4. Recapture items that were deleted from the Arrangement.


  1. Delete and recapture a folder.
  2. Create a new folder within the Arrangement.
  3. Associate a folder with its surrogate image.
  4. Create an Aggregate Work item with a default web access object and supplemental objects.
  5. Create a Collection.

Describe Individually

  1. Add access controls to an item.
  2. Delete the access controls from an item.
  3. Add a MODS record to an item.
  4. Delete the MODS record from an item.

Describe via Crosswalk

  1. Create any MODS date field in a crosswalk and verify the output. Verify that a secondary date patterns also works.
  2. Drag and Drop a unmatched crosswalked record onto a File or Folder in the arrangement. Verify that this associates the record with the object. Modify the crosswalk, but not the matcher, so that the crosswalk runs again. Make sure your record is still associated with the same part of the arrangement.
  3. Verify that ctrl-S (or equivalent) saves the active crosswalk editor.


  1. Export a CDR Submission Package, then validate the resulting METS and MODS.
  2. Export a BagIt Package and verify its structure.


  1. Delete a project without deleting workbench-generated files.
  2. Delete a project and workbench-generated files.