User Software Tests

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These are tests that should cover most functions of the workbench. These tests will be performed on windows, mac and linux prior to any release of workbench software.

  1. Create a project with iRODS staging.
  2. Create a project with local staging.
  3. Capture a set of pre-staged originals.
  4. Delete captured items from Arrangement.
  5. Pause and resume staging activity.
  6. Rename and move captured objects.
  7. Establish links and tags on objects. (Surrogate/thumb, Supplemental, Default Access, Alphabetical)
  8. Set available types of a container. (Folder, Aggregate Work, Collection)
  9. Create a basic MODS record for an object.
  10. Perform a crosswalk from delimited text to MODS.
  11. Check views of MODS records.
  12. Close and open some projects in the work space.
  13. Export project to METS.