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Telegram-DMI-Bot is the platform that powers @DMI_bot, a Telegram bot aided at helping students find informations about professors, classes' schedules, administration's office hours and more.

Using the live version

The bot is live on Telegram with the username @DMI_Bot. Send /start to start it, /help to see a list of commands.

Please note that the commands and their answers are in Italian.

Setting up a local instance



If you want to test the bot by creating your personal instance, follow this steps:

  • Install system requirements
  • Clone this repository or download it as zip.
  • Send a message to your bot on Telegram, even '/start' will do. If you don't, you could get an error
  • Make a copy of the file data/DMI_DB.db.dist in the same directory and rename it to DMI_DB.db to enable the database sqlite
  • Make a copy of the file config/settings.yaml.dist in the same directory and rename it to settings.yaml
  • Set your token with python3 <token> or edit settings.yaml manually
  • Launch the bot with python3

(If you don't have a token, message Telegram's @BotFather to create a bot and get a token for it)

System requirements

  • Python 3
  • python-pip3
  • language-pack-it

To install all the requirements you can run:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt



version: "2"
    container_name: dmibot
      - </path/to/settings.yaml>:/dmibot/config/settings.yaml
      - </path/to/DMI_DB.db>:/dmibot/data/DMI_DB.db
      - </path/to/drive_credentials.json>:/dmibot/config/drive_credentials.json

docker cli

docker run -v </path/to/settings.yaml>:/dmibot/config/settings.yaml -v </path/to/DMI_DB.db>:/dmibot/data/DMI_DB.db -v </path/to/drive_credentials.json>:/dmibot/config/drive_credentials.json -t unictdmi/dmibot


Container images are configured using parameters passed at runtime (such as those above). These parameters are separated by a colon and indicate <external>:<internal> respectively.

Parameter Function
-v /dmibot/config/settings.yaml configurations file
-v /dmibot/data/DMI_DB.db database
-v /dmibot/config/drive_credentials.json drive credentials

Building locally

git clone
cd Telegram-DMI-Bot
docker build --no-cache -t dmibot .

Special functions

Notes: only some users are allowed to use these commands indeed there is an if condition that check the chatid of the user that can use them

- /stats

You can enable these commands setting disable_db = 0 and copy data/DMI_DB.db.dist into data/DMI_DB.db

This command shows the statistics of the times where the commands are used in the last 30 days.

- /drive

You can enable these commands setting disable_drive = 0 and configuring the GoogleDrive credentials.

/drive: command to get the GoogleDrive files

Configure Drive
  • open a project on the Google Console Developer
  • enable Drive API
  • download the drive_credentials.json and put it on config/
  • copy config/settings.yaml.dist into config/settings.yaml, then configure it


To install all the test requirements you can run:

pip3 install -r requirements_dev.txt

Start unit tests:

pytest tests/unit/

If you want to check also the code coverage report through an HTML format use:

pytest --cov . tests/unit/ --cov-report=html

To run the end-to-end tests read the following steps below.


  • Sign in your Telegram account with your phone number here. Then choose β€œAPI development tools”
  • If it is your first time doing so, it will ask you for an app name and a short name, you can change both of them later if you need to. Submit the form when you have completed it
  • You will then see the api_id and api_hash for your app. These are unique to your app, and not revocable.
  • Edit the folling values in the config/settings.yaml file:
  api_hash: hash of the telegram app used for testing
  api_id: id of the telegram app used for testing
  session: session of the telegram app used for testing (see steps below)
  tag: tag of the bot used for testing
  token: token for the bot used for testing
  representatives_group: representatives' group id used for testing
  dev_group_chatid: dev's group id used for testing
  • Copy the file "tests/" in the root folder and Run
python3 .
  • Follow the procedure and copy the session value it provides in the settings file in "test:session". You can then delete the you just used, you won't need it again
  • Edit tag value with the username of the test bot you will use.
  • Edit representatives_group value with the user_id or group_id where you want receive reports from /report command.
  • Edit dev_group_chatid value with the user_id or group_id where you want receive tracebacks.

Check here if you want to have more information on the steps above

Start end-to-end tests:

pytest tests/e2e/

πŸ“š Documentation

Check the gh-pages branch

Link to the documentation


This open-source software is published under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) version 3. Please refer to the "LICENSE" file of this project for the full text.


You can find the list of contributors here If you want to contribute, make sure to read the guidelines


A telegram bot for the DMI students πŸŽ“ (@DMI_Bot)








  • Python 99.9%
  • Dockerfile 0.1%