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Office 365 SmartLink

When a Office365 federated user tries to access resources like they would have to type their account (UPN - User Principal Name) before the "home realm discovery" process redirects the user to the single sign-on (identity federation) login page.

In short, Smart Links provide users with an improved login experience when accessing any browser based Office 365 services. The result is a seamless and faster authentication experience. Smart Link is a URL that is a direct access to the IDP (Identity Provider) login page for your Office365 service.

This is an example of a Smart Link (Federation implemented with use of direct SAML2.0 authentication between AzureAD and the FEIDE IDP provider):

Where in this case identifies the "home realm".

This URL can be bookmarked in each users web-browser, but it's more common to configure a redirect-service with a more easy URL to remember.


O365 SmartLink Redirect-Service

The flow is:

  • User access http://<myEasyToRememberSmartLink>
  • The Web-Server on <myEasyToRememberSmartLink> do a 302 redirect to <myHardToRememberSmartLink>

This can be implemented with use of "Azure App Service":

Together with use of Visual Studio Example-Code at