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Installing Deep Learning Library in Xena

This step by step tutorial will guide you through installing deep learning and Machine learning tools in the Xena Server.

Setting up the conda environment for installation

  1. Firstly load the Anaconda module to use the conda command.

     module load anaconda3
  2. Create the Conda Environment with a name.

     conda create --name <env_name> python==3.6
  3. Verify the installation of the environment.

     conda info --envs	
  4. Load the environment.

     source activate <env_name> 
  5. Install the deep learning Packages (You can install one of these or as per your need.)

    a. Tensorflow: Install GPU version of the tensorflow for better performance

      conda install -c anaconda tensorflow-gpu

    b. Keras GPU Version

      conda install -c anaconda keras-gpu  

    c. Pytorch

      conda install pytorch torchvision -c pytorch
  6. Install additional Machine Learning packages

    i. OpenCV

      conda install -c conda-forge opencv 

    ii. numpy,pandas, matpotlib , scikit-learn

      conda install numpy pandas matplotlib scikit-learn 
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